Our work for Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings was shortlisted at Cannes in the Innovation category. It also won a Bronze for Digital Craft, Silver for Long-Term Brand Building and the inaugural Grand Prix for B2B Brand Experience. LinkedIn called it “B2B Brilliant.” See below for our case study video with a brief introduction from me.

Executive Creative Director: EJ McNulty
Group Creative Director: Brett Knutson
Creative Director: Kristine Baumgardner
Sr. Art Director: Chris Kurtz
And many many more

Texaco with Techron gives you unbeatable mileage, for whatever fills your tank. And after a year of putting things in park due to Covid-19, a little refueling is in order. So, fill up on times with friends. Fill up on things that inspire you. Fill up on what fuels you. Because full tanks go further.


Americans have never been more transparent about taking care of their mental and physical wellbeing. Exercise, therapy, eating well, meditation, nature and more are all part of the push to relieve stress. Yet, in 2019, 64% of people cited money as a significant source of stress in their lives.

The idea of this campaign was simple: flip the script about finances. To turn something that’s stress-inducing into something that is part of self-care. Along with exercise, diet and recreation, we reframed financial health as another way to reduce stress and improve your overall health.


This ADDY winning campaign was a really cool B2B project. The goal: to encourage businesses to advertise on bestbuy.com by bringing the target audience to life.

The Campaign Trailer:
Used at an internal launch event to change how Best Buy stakeholders view their own customers.

"Passion Lives Here" Short Films:
These vignettes, playable on the Best Buy Media Network website, reveal what truly drives customers.

B2B Sizzle Reel:
It wouldn't be a proper B2B campaign without the hardworking sales pitch. This is it.

The "Passion Lives Here" Website
This campaign comes to life on the Best Buy Media Network website. This is where the magic happens.